Policy Work

I work as a Political Consultant on a project basis. Please get in touch if you would be interested in working with me. Some examples of my projects and experience are below.

  • Producing gender equality and social inclusion strategy and policy recommendations of five emerging economies’ public procurement sectors, working alongside the UK central government.
  • Comparative case study analysis of five developing countries’ government procurement policies and use of open contracting standards for an international NGO.
  • Producing policy guidance for use emerging technologies for UK arms-length bodies.
  • Lead discovery, production, and implementation of data ethics framework in local authorities across the UK.
  • International discovery for Government Digital Service in reducing corruption through digital procurement and supply chain reform in emerging economies.
  • An assessment of Intel’s AI4Youth international pilot training programme, including stakeholder research in India, Poland, and South Korea.

Below are some relevant posts from my portfolio:

In February 2021, I was invited to speak to MoJ policymakers about what they can learn from philosophers. Alongside two
I was invited to participate in the EU's PANELFIT mutual learning encounter on new approaches to ICT data protection frameworks
I led research for the Government Digital Service's Global Digital Marketplace on how procurement can be used to advance gender
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