Author: Sabrina

Ethics & AI: A Crash Course

Read on the Oxford Insights Blog. Walk in to any entry-level Ethics class and you’ll observe academic philosophers teaching their students three theories of what it means to be ethical: Utilitarianism: Does an action produce net good consequences?; Deontology: Does an action follow a moral rule? e.g. the Golden Rule: ‘Treat others how you want […]

CYFY 2019, New Delhi

I was invited to speak at the CYFY Conference on the relationship between technology and the state. Watch the video here. The notion of state sovereignty does not face an existential challenge, but certainly requires a radical re-imagination in the digital era. Are emerging technologies helping the state reassert its mandate over the individual? How […]

A (Non-Ideal) Global Basic Structure

Published in the Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics. Abstract: Focusing on the basic structure as the subject of justice has tended to lead theorists to make a choice: either there is no global basic structure and therefore obligations of justice remain domestic only (the statist position) or there is sufficient institutional basis at the global […]

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